Our Services

We are a delivery service, though in a limited fashion. Our transport covers the majority of the mileage between buyers and sellers - both buyer and seller must agree to meet at a pre-determined point on our route. We will not travel door to door, and we do not meet in private areas. Well lit, public areas, in the daylight hours, are the only options.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we will be maintaining strict social distancing protocols as laid out by State law. Masks are required when you pick up your animal. We will be masked. Individual drivers will determine how best to do pick up and drop off. 

We recommend that you bring hand sanitizer with you. 


Medium Transport Containers


Medium Containers are approximately 12" x 8" and will be $35 per container. This is the PRICE OF TRANSPORT. You must purchase your own container. This is worked out between buyer and seller.

Large Transport Containers


Large Containers are approximately 14" x 8" and will be $45 per container. This is the PRICE OF TRANSPORT. You must purchase your own container. This is worked out between buyer and seller. 

  • Small (below 7 quarts) - $30 (NO RODENTS)

  • Medium (~ 7 quarts) - $35

  • Large (~ 12 quarts) - $45

  • XLarge (~ 23 quarts) - $55

  • 25-49 quarts - $65

  • 50-74 quarts - $80

  • 75-99 quarts - $95

  • 100-119 quarts - $110

  • Kitten/Cat - $150

$20 for every 20 quarts over 119.


OFF ROUTE: Case by case. Upcharge of $1/mile + $12/hr estimated drive time.


Fees At A Glance

Fees Per Kitten Transported


Kittens must be in a crate/carrier that they can stand up, turn around, and lay down in. Hard sided is required for our transport. Price per kitten transported is $150.

Needed For Transport


EACH ANIMAL must be provided with: species appropriate food, a source of water, and comfort/habitat items. For kittens this might mean a soft bed in the crate. For mice, a chunk of cucumber for water, plenty of bedding and packing material so they can hide and get as cozy as possible.

Off Route Fees:

  • Whether we go off our main route is decided on a case by case/location basis. These decisions are made by the driver of the current route. IF we agree to meeting off-route, there will be an upcharge of $1.00 per mile traveled + $12/hr estimated driving time. 

Cross Country Fees:

  • On our cross country runs, there is an additional $40 charge on top of regular fees. The off-route rate remains the same, but is a case by case basis and limited to 5 miles.